Which U.S. state has the most electric vehicles? (EVs)
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There are more than a million registered electric vehicles in the whole of United States (1,019,260 as of June 2021). The state with the most registered EV population is California with 425,300 EVs - a major percentage (41.73%) of the national total..

The other states with at least 50,000 EVs registered are Florida (58,160), Texas (52,190) and Washington (50,520). In contrast, mid-western states such as North and South Dakota and Wyoming have relatively lower EV adoption at less than 500 vehicle registrations.

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Chart 1: States with the Most EV Registrations
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States with the highest EV registrations - California (425,300), Florida (58,160), Texas (52,190) and Washington (50,520)
Chart 2: States with the Least EV Registrations
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States with the least EV registrations - North Dakota (220), Wyoming (330), South Dakota (410) in the Midwest Region

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  Charging Stations. In terms of public charging station infrastructure, there are around 46,985 charging stations in the United States. States such as North Dakota have one station to every 3.79 electric vehicles and  Wyoming with one station to every 5.5 EVs. These well exceed the recommendation from the International Energy Administration (IEA)  which specifies one public charging station for every 10 EVs in a region.

New Jersey has the worst station-to-EV ratio at one charging station for every 45.81 EVs, followed by Arizona (one station for 33.41 EVs) and Washington (one station for 31.48 EVs).

  EVSE Ports. In terms of charging ports, there are 116,045 public EVSE ports, including 22,142 DC Fast Chargers, 92,692 Level 2 Chargers and 1,169 Level 1 Chargers. California has the highest number of public  EVSE ports at 35,978 ports in its 13,902 charging stations  California also has the most number of DC Fast Chargers or DCFCs (6,790 ports - 30.67% of the national total) and Level 2 chargers (28,930 - 31.21% of the national total).

New York, Florida and Texas are the other states with at least 5,000 public EVSE ports. New York has 6,901 EVSE ports while Florida has 6,071 ports and Texas with 5,236 ports.deployed. The average number of EVSE ports for a state is around 2,275 ports.


  States with the most EVSE ports and stations

  States with the most DC Fast Chargers

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