Canada: Employment in Agricultural Industry 2019 (by provinces/regions)

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Dataset contains 65 data items (see table below).


With rich, arable soil and proximity to the St. Lawrence River, agriculture is one of the key components of the Montérégie economy. Montérégie has the highest employment in the agricultural sector with a labour force of 15,000 (1.85% of its total labour force).

Yorkton-Melville has the highest percentage of its total labour (17.55% or 6,600) employed in the agricultural sector.

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Industry Coverage

Under the NAICS classification, the Agriculture industry covers various types of farming - soybean farming, grain farming, vegetable and melon farming, fruit and tree nut farming, greenhouse and floriculture and other crop farming.



This dataset is derived from open data portal of Canada (source url) and contains information licensed under the Open Government Licence – Canada. The industry classification in this dataset is based on the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS).


Regional employment distribution for these industries:

  Accommodation and Food Services


  Business, Building and other Support Services


  Education Services

  Finance, Insurance, Real Estate Rental and Leasing

  Forestry, Fishing, Mining, Quarrying, Oil and Gas

  Healthcare and Social Assistance

  Information, Culture and Recreation


  Professional, Scientific and Technical Services

  Public Administration

  Transportation and Warehousing


  Wholesale and Retail Trade