Tallest Statues in South America
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1. Santa Rita de Cássia. These are the tallest statues in South America - the tallest of which is the Santa Rita de Cássia statue, or St Rita of Cascia, in Santa Cruz, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil, South America. The statue stands at 50 meters from crown to toe, atop a 6-meter pedestal. With the pedestal,  the height of the total monument to 56 meters.

Compare Santa Rita de Cássia statue with the tallest statue of North America, Guerrero Chimalli

Compare Santa Rita De Cássia with the Statue of Liberty of New York, USA

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2. Virgen de la Paz. The second tallest statue in South America is the Virgen de la Paz (Virgin of Peace Monument) near the city of Trujillo in Venezuela at the height of 46.72m. It is also the tallest statue of Virgin Mary in the world and towers over the Statue of Liberty (46 meters) in New York, USA, and the statue of Christ the Redeemer (30 meters) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Compare Virgen de la Paz with Christ the Redeemer

3. Nossa Senhora de Fátima. At 45 meters, the Nossa Senhora de Fátima, or Our Lady of Fátima, of Crato, Ceará (Brazil) is the third tallest statue in South America and the tallest statue in Brazil.

Compare Nossa Senhora de Fátima with Virgen De La Paz


3. Virgen del Socavón. Also third tallest in South America and completed in 2013, the colossal statue of Virgen del Socavón, or Our Lady of the Mineshaft, stands at 45 meters and can be viewed from nearly every point of the Bolivian mining city of Oruro.

Compare Virgen del Socavón with Nossa Senhora de Fátima


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