Tallest Statues in North America
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Tallest Statues in North America - the tallest of which is the Birth of the New World of Puerto Rico, USA, at 110 meters, followed by Guerrero Chimalli (Chimalli Warrior) of Chimalhuacán, Mexico, at a height of 50 meters. At third, is the  iconic 46-meter tall Statue of Liberty of Liberty Island, New York, USA.

 Compare Guerrero Chimalli (Chimalli Warrior) with José María Morelos Statue

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Guerrero Chimalli (Chimalli Warrior).

Located in Chimalhuacán, Mexico, Guerrero Chimalli depicts a 50-meter tall Aztec warrior with a chimalli or shield. Completed in 2014 by sculptor-artist Sebastián at a cost of $30 million MXN (US$1.38 million), Guerrero Chimalli  stands upon a 10-meter (33 ft) pedestal, giving the monument a total height of 60 meters (200 ft).

Statue Of Liberty (Liberty Enlightening The World).

The Statue of Liberty was dedicated to the United States by the French government on 28 Oct 1886.  Located in New York City, the Statue of Liberty is a depiction of the Roman Goddess. She stands at a height of 46 meters atop a 47-meter (154 feet) pedestal, with the overall monument standing at 93 meters.

Compare the 47-meter tall Statue of Liberty with its 37-meter tall replica statue in Brazil

José María Morelos Statue.     José María Morelos Statue is the 3rd tallest statue in North America at 40.00 meters. Completed in the year of 1934, José María Morelos Statue is a depiction of José María Morelos. José María Morelos Statue is located in Janitzio Island, Michoacán, Mexico.

Additional notes: Made Of Pink Stone Blocks

 Compare José María Morelos Statue with Cristo Resucitado (Christ Resurrected) from North America.

Pegasus And Dragon.     

Completed in the year of 2014, Pegasus and Dragon is a depiction of Pegasus and Dragon. Standing at a height of 33.50 meters, Pegasus and Dragon is located in Hallandale Beach, Florida, United States.

Additional notes: Tallest, largest equine and European dragon statues, third tallest in the US

 Compare Pegasus And Dragon with Statue Of Liberty (Liberty Enlightening The World) from North America.



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