Tallest Men Ever in Asia

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As a diverse continent, the average height for men in Asia ranges from 160cm (5 ft 3 in) to 177 (5 ft 10in). Generally, average height of populations in North Asia tends to be higher than that of South Asia. However, in this list of the tallest men in Asia, there are no norms to follow as these are the extremes and exceptions in height.

Vikas Uppal and Dharmendra Pratap Singh of India are amongst the tallest in Asia at 249cm and at 246cm respectively. Dharmendra Pratap Singh, who also holds a Master's degree in Hindi, is the tallest living Indian. In the next rung, are Zhang Juncai of China and Suparwono of Indonesia at 242cm (7 ft 11 in). Born 1966 in Shanxi, Zhang Juncai is the tallest living Chinese person.

Dharmendra Pratap Singh

India's Tallest Man (246cm) Struggles To Find Love

Compare Dharmendra Pratap Singh with Vikas Uppal


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More notable tallest men in Asia

Asadulla Khan
Asadulla Khan, one of the tallest man in India at a height of 241cm

Compare Asadulla Khan of India with Naseer Soomro, tallest man of Pakistan

Naseer Soomro

Naseer Soomro, the tallest man in Pakistan, 238cm tall

 Compare Naseer Soomro with Alam Channa, also of Pakistan

Bao Xishun

Bao Xishun, considered the tallest living person (236cm tall) by Guinness World Records until September 2009

Compare Bao Xishun with Sun Ming Ming, both of China

Sun Ming Ming

Sun Ming Ming, the world's tallest professional basketball player (height 236cm). On 4 August 2013, he married Xu Yan. They are recognized by Guinness World Records as the tallest living married couple with their combined height of 423.47cm.

Compare China's tallest and most well-known basketball players, Sun Ming Ming and Yao Ming.

Yao Ming

Yao Ming, the world's most well-known NBA Chinese player, standing at 224cm, the tallest player during his playing years at NBA until his retirement in 2011.


Who are the tallest humans ever?

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