Tallest Men born in 1700-1899

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This list covers the tallest men born between 1700 and 1899. At the tallest height of 267 cm (8 ft 9 in) for men born before 1899, John William Bud Rogan (1868-1905) was an American man who was the tallest person ever recorded until passed by Robert Wadlow in the 20th century.

Édouard Beaupré (1881-1904) is the tallest Canadian ever and second tallest on this list at a height of 251cm. At third on this list, Bernard Coyne (1897-1921) of United States measured at 249m. He has a World War 1 draft registration card, but was refused induction into the Army (1918).

John William Bud Rogan

Born 1868 - the tallest person born before 1900s.

Compare John Rogan of United States with Édouard Beaupré of Canada, the two tallest men born between 1700 to 1899.

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