North America - Top Sovereign Wealth Funds
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Chart 1: Top Sovereign Wealth Funds 2016
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The top sovereign wealth fund in North America is the  Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (CPP) which manages US$254 billion in assets for the Canada Pension Plan on behalf of 20 million Canadians.

At second, the Alaska Permanent Fund, established since 1976, manages close to US$65 billion in assets originating primarily from Alaskan oil revenues.

The Texas Permanent School Fund is another sizeable sovereign wealth fund (at close to US$38 billion in assets) which serves to provide revenues for funding of public primary and secondary education in the US state of Texas.

If we examine the list of SWFs in North America, we will notice that the United States herself does not have a federal sovereign wealth fund. Most of the sovereign wealth funds reside with her constituent states, such as Texas, Alabama, Alaska, Utah, Idaho, Louisiana, Wyoming, Oregon and New Mexico.

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