List of Volcanic Calderas in the World
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Chart 1: Number of Volcanoes by Region
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Calderas are large cauldron-shaped formations due to ground surface collapsing or sinking into its underneath magma chamber, leaving behind a cauldron-like hollow on the surface. Some of the prominent calderas include the Yellowstone Caldera and the Crater Lake in the United States and Lake Toba of Indonesia.

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Volcano datasets

   Highest volcanoes by continent:  World  |  North America  |  South America Asia  |  Australia-NZ-Oceania  |  Europe  |  Africa

   Highest volcanoes in Americas:  USA  |  Chile  |  Ecuador  |  Mexico 

   Highest volcanoes in Europe:  Italy  |  Russia  |   United Kingdom (UK) 

   Highest volcanoes in Asia Pacific:  Indonesia  |  Japan  |   Papua New Guinea   |   Phillipines

   Volcanoes by type: All types   |  Cinder Cones  |   Domes  |   Shield Volcanoes  |   Stratovolcanoes  |   Complex  |   Submarines  |  Calderas


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