Lars' List of Free Online Stock Image Sites (2020)
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Hi mates, here's my compilation of free online stock image sites.

Please Explain "Free": Each stock image site has a set of legal terms that comes with downloading and using the free images. However, the best thing a "free" site could do is to offer  Creative Commons licenses.Otherwise, the user has the legal responsibility to peruse the site-specific or sometimes image-specific licenses in order to use the image, even if it is "free".

Creative Commons. One of several public copyright licenses that enable the free distribution of an otherwise copyrighted work (from Wikipedia). There are several types of Creative Commons (or CC for short) licenses covered in this list:

  • CC0. Free to use without restrictions (not even attribution)
  • CC BY. Free to use without restrictions, but with attribution
  • CC BY-ND: Free to use without restrictions, but only in original form and with attribution
  • CC BY-SA: Free to use without restrictions, but with attribution and derived works to be distributed under a license not more restrictive than CC BY-SA

My Lars' Rating (Score:1 to 5) method:

  1. User interface of the site ( 0 - 2 pts ) . I will say most of these sites are quite well-designed!
  2. Quality and breadth of collection ( 0 - 2 pts )
  3. Use of Creative Commons licenses, which provides the clearest way for anyone to understand the terms of using the images ( 0 - 1 pt )

Feel free to use/criticize or tell me about new suggestions. Enjoy, mates! 

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