Largest Sports Venues in Manitoba, Canada

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Which is the largest sports venue in Manitoba?
The largest sports venue in Manitoba is IG Field of Winnipeg with a maximum seating capacity of 33,500 spectators.The seating capacities of the sports venues in Manitoba range from capacities of 950 spectators to 33,500 spectators, with the average sports venue being able to host around 4,817.6 spectators.

 Compare IG Field with Westman Place At Keystone Centre

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Cities with the most large-capacity venues
The city with the most large-capacity sports venues is Winnipeg.

Most recent and oldest sports venues
The most recently opened sports venue in Canada is IG Field of Winnipeg in 2013.The oldest sports venue in Canada is Whitney Forum of Flin Flon which opened in 1958.The average building ages of the sports venues in Canada is 31.8 years old, with the oldest being 64 years old.

Let's check out some of these largest sports venues in Manitoba.

IG Field.

IG Field is the largest stadium by capacity in Manitoba.

IG Field is a stadium that can seat up to 33,500 spectators. Located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, IG Field was opened in the year 2013 (9 years of age).

The stadium is home to teams such as Winnipeg Blue Bombers (CFL) and Valour FC (CPL) and hosts sports events for football and soccer. IG Field features a turf surface, with a open roof.


 Compare IG Field with Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton Park from Ottawa.

 Compare IG Field with Legacy Dodge Field from Fort McMurray.

Shaw Park.

Shaw Park is the 3rd largest stadium by capacity in Manitoba.

Shaw Park is a stadium in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, which can house a full seating capacity of 7,481 spectators. Shaw Park was opened in the year 1999 (23 years of age).

The stadium is home to Winnipeg Goldeyes and is a venue for sports such as baseball.


 Compare Shaw Park with Leakos Field from Saskatoon.

 Compare Shaw Park with Stonewall Quarry Park from Stonewall.

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