Largest Indoor arenas in Montreal, Canada

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Which is the largest indoor arena in Montreal, Quebec?
The largest indoor arena in Montreal is Bell Centre with a maximum seating capacity of 21,700 spectators.The seating capacities of the indoor arenas in Montreal range from capacities of 1,500 spectators to 21,700 spectators, with the average indoor arena being able to host around 5,509.1 spectators.

 Compare Bell Centre with Verdun Auditorium

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Most recent and oldest indoor arenas in Montreal, Quebec
The most recently opened indoor arena in Canada is Bell Centre in 1996.The oldest indoor arena in Canada is Verdun Auditorium which opened in 1939.The average building ages of the indoor arenas in Canada is 60.0 years old, with the oldest being 83 years old.

Let's check out some of these largest indoor arenas in Montreal.

Bell Centre.

Bell Centre is the largest indoor arena by capacity in Canada.

Bell Centre is an indoor arena in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, which can house a full seating capacity of 21,700 spectators. Bell Centre was opened in the year 1996 (26 years of age).

Home of Montreal Canadiens, the indoor arenais a venue for sports events such as hockey and basketball.


 Compare Bell Centre with Progressive Auto Sales Arena from Sarnia.

 Compare Bell Centre with Galt Arena Gardens from Cambridge.

Maurice Richard Arena.

Maurice Richard Arena is an indoor arena that can seat up to 4,750 spectators. Located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Maurice Richard Arena was opened in the year 1962 (60 years of age).


 Compare Maurice Richard Arena with Mosaic Place from Moose Jaw.

 Compare Maurice Richard Arena with Revolution Place from Grande Prairie.

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