Largest Factories in the World
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The Largest Factories

Volkswagen Wolfsburg Plant. The Volkswagen Wolfsburg Plant is the largest factory in the world at a massive area of 6.5 million m² (70 million sq ft), enabling it to produce about 800,000 vehicles yearly with a workforce of 21,000.

Inside the World's Biggest Auto Factory (Youtube/Bloomberg)


AVTOVAZ Togliatti Plant. The AVTOVAZ Togliatti Plant is a gigantic manufacturing plant (sprawling an area of 6 million m2) that manufactures vehicles, engines and automotive components  for Nissan, LADA and Renault.

Hyundai Motor Company Ulsan Factory. At second, is the Hyundai Motor Company Ulsan Factory with an immense area of 5 million m². The Ulsan Factory employs over 34,000 workers capable of producing 5,600 vehicles daily.

Non-automobile Factories

Foxconn Longhua Plant. Located in Longhua, Shenzhen, the Foxconn Longhua Plant is the first and the largest Foxconn factory. The entire 3,000,000-m2 Foxconn Longhua Plant operates like a small city, often referred to as "Foxconn City", and produces the bulk of Apple's iPhone line. Facilities within the plant include 15 factories, worker dormitories, 4 swimming pools, a hospital and a city centre. 

Compare Foxconn Longhua Plant with Hyundai Motor Company Ulsan Factory

Boeing Factory. Located in Everett, Washington, the Boeing Everett Factory is the assembly site for the wide-body Boeing 747, 767, 777 and 787 Dreamliner. Spanning an area of 399,480m2 with a spacious volume of 13,385,378m3, it is the largest building in the world by volume.

Compare Boeing Everett Factory with Airbus Jean-Luc Lagardere Plant

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