Cruising Behemoths - The Largest Cruise Ships in the World
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Modern-day cruise ships are designed to accommodate, serve and entertain a passenger population the size of a small township. The largest class of cruise ships today - the Oasis-class ships - can accommodate more than 6,600 passengers comfortably, aside from the 2,200-strong crew needed to keep these behemoths operating smoothly.

In 1912, the largest and most iconic passenger ship of its time is the ill-fated Titanic which could carry 2,435 passengers in its 39,640-tonne, 269-meter long and 28-meter wide body. Head-to-head, the largest cruise ship today, the Oasis-class Symphony of the Seas,  is the equivalent of almost 5 Titanics in size and mass. The Symphony of the Seas is a 228,081-tonne, 362-meter long and 66-meter wide cruise ship. For height above water light, the Symphony of the Seas is 72.5 meters tall, easily towering over the 42.8-meter tall Titanic.

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