List of Largest Banks in Germany by Assets

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Largest Banks of Germany in 2018. The top five banks of Germany hold a combined US$3.459 trillion in assets-under-management. 

Compare the two largest bank in Germany - Deutsche Bank and DZ Bank

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1. Deutsche Bank. Headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany, Deutsche Bank is the largest bank in Germany and the fourth largest bank in Europe. Globally, Deutsche Bank is ranked the 15th largest bank by total assets (US$1.765 trillion) and is a component of the DAX stock market index.

Deutsche Bank is operational in 58 countries across Europe, the Americas and Asia with three business pillars - Private & Commercial Bank, Corporate & Investmetn Bank and Asset Management. Deutsche Bank is founded on 10 March 1870 - two weeks after the founding of Commerzbank.

Compare Deutsche Bank with the largest bank in Europe, HSBC Holdings PLC


2. DZ Bank AG. Also based in Frankfurt, Germany, DZ Bank AG (acronym for Deutsche Zentral-Genossenschaftsbank or "German Central Co-operative Bank") is the second biggest bank in Germany by asset size (US$607 billion) and 21st largest in Europe.

Compare DZ Bank with Crédit Agricole - second largest bank in France


3. Commerzbank AG. Commerzbank is Germany's third largest bank by asset size (U$S543 billion) and 23rd largest in Europe. Commerzbank is present in more than 50 countries around the world and provides almost a third of Germany's trade finance. Like Deutsche Bank, Commerzbank is founded on 1870 (February 26,  1870 to be exact) with a history spanning close to 150 years.

Compare Commerzbank AG with Landesbank Baden-Wurtternberg


4. Landesbank Baden-Wurtternberg is the fourth largest German bank by asset size (US$285 billion) and 33rd largest in Europe. As of 2018, it is also Germany's biggest state-backed landesbank lender.

Compare Landesbank Baden-Wurtternberg with Banco Santander, largest bank of Spain


5. Bayerische Landesbank (or BayernLB) is a bank based in Munich, Germany. It holds about US$257 billion worth of assets-under-management.

Compare Bayerische Landesbank with Deutsche Bank, largest bank in Germany by assets

In 2018, Deutsche Bank is the 15th largest bank by total assets in the world (list of largest banks in the world).

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