K-Pop Members of TXT (KPop Group - Big Hit Entertainment)
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Covering the members of TXT under Big Hit Entertainment: Soobin, Huening Kai, Yeonjun, Beomgyu and Taehyun.

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K-Pop Members of TXT (KPop Group)     TXT/TXT

Soobin.   A member of TXT (leader, vocalist, rapper, dancer), Soobin, whose real name is Choi Soo Bin, is 185.0cm tall and weighs 67kg. Soobin's zodiac sign is Sagittarius (birth date: 2000-12-05) and blood type is A.

 Compare Soobin with Jihyeok from BUILD UP.
 Compare Soobin with Sanghyeon from A.Cian.

Huening Kai.   A member of TXT (vocalist, dancer, rapper, visual, maknae), Huening Kai, whose real name is Kai Kamal Huening, is 183.0cm tall and weighs 61kg. Huening Kai's zodiac sign is Leo (birth date: 2002-08-14) and blood type is A.

 Compare Huening Kai with Doyoung from Treasure13.
 Compare Huening Kai with Yoshinori from Treasure13.

Yeonjun.   Virgo by birth (birthday: 1999-09-13), Yeonjun is a member of TXT (rapper, dancer, vocalist). Yeonjun's real name is Choi Yeon Jun and blood type is A. Yeonjun is 181.5cm tall and weighs 62kg.

 Compare Yeonjun with Sunghyun from CICI.
 Compare Yeonjun with Yonghee from CIX.

Beomgyu.   Pisces by birth (birthday: 2001-03-13), Beomgyu is a member of TXT (vocalist, dancer, rapper, center, visual). Beomgyu's real name is Choi Beom Gyu and blood type is AB. Beomgyu is 179.0cm tall and weighs 53kg.

 Compare Beomgyu with Choi In from EBOYZ.
 Compare Beomgyu with Chani from SF9.

Taehyun.   Aquarius by birth (birthday: 2002-02-05), Taehyun is a member of TXT (vocalist, dancer). Taehyun's real name is Kang Tae Hyun and blood type is A. Taehyun is 177.0cm tall and weighs 55kg.

 Compare Taehyun with Jeongseung from D-CRUNCH.
 Compare Taehyun with Jaehyun from NCT.

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