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Covering the members of LOONA under Blockberry Creative: Yves, JinSoul, Olivia Hye, Chuu, Yeojin, Choerry, Go Won, Hyunjin, Hee-jin, Kim Lip, Vivi and Haseul.

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K-Pop Members of LOONA (KPop Group)     LOONA/LOONA

Yves.   A member of LOONA (main dancer, lead vocalist), Yves, whose real name is Ha Soo-young, is 166.0cm tall and weighs 46kg. Yves's zodiac sign is Gemini (birth date: 1997-05-24) and blood type is B.

 Compare Yves with Yujin from Hi Cutie.
 Compare Yves with Ellyn from GIRLKIND.

JinSoul.   Gemini by birth (birthday: 1997-06-13), JinSoul is a member of LOONA (main rapper, lead vocalist, visual). JinSoul's real name is Jung Jin-soul and blood type is B. JinSoul is 166.0cm tall.

 Compare JinSoul with Hwasa from MAMAMOO.
 Compare JinSoul with Hyeonju from AQUA.

Olivia Hye.   Olivia Hye (real name: Son Hye-joo) is a member of LOONA (lead dancer, lead rapper, vocalist). Olivia Hye's zodiac sign is Scorpio (birth date: 2001-11-13) and blood type is B. Physically, Olivia Hye is 166.0cm tall.

 Compare Olivia Hye with Jea from Brown Eyed Girls.
 Compare Olivia Hye with Jimin from AOA.

Chuu.   Libra by birth (birthday: 1999-10-20), Chuu is a member of LOONA (main vocalist). Chuu's real name is Kim Ji-woo and blood type is A. Chuu is 160.0cm tall.

 Compare Chuu with Geumju from Milkyway.
 Compare Chuu with Sejin from Wanna.B.

Yeojin. A Scorpio baby, Yeojin is from LOONA under Blockberry Creative and she is born on 11 November 2002.

  Compare LOONA Scorpios - Yeojin and Olivia Hye

  Compare same-age Scorpios - Jiheon and Soeun of FAVE GIRLS

Kim Lip.   Aquarius by birth (birthday: 1999-02-10), Kim Lip is a member of LOONA (lead vocalist, lead dancer). Kim Lip's real name is Kim Jung-eun and blood type is B. Kim Lip weighs 43kg.

 Compare Kim Lip with Roa from RAMISU.
 Compare Kim Lip with Jinsol from APRIL.

Vivi.   A member of LOONA (vocalist, rapper), Vivi, whose real name is Wong Gaahei, weighs 42kg. Vivi's zodiac sign is Sagittarius (birth date: 1996-12-09) and blood type is B.

 Compare Vivi with Gabin from Kitten Girls.
 Compare Vivi with Mari from I LUV.

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