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Covering the members of GreatGuys under dna entertainment: Uiyeon, Hwalchan, Baekgyeol, Horyeong, Dongin, Haneul, Jae I, Donghwi and Daun.

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K-Pop Members of GreatGuys (KPop Group)     GREATGUYS/GreatGuys

Uiyeon.   Uiyeon (real name: Jeon Mingi) is a member of GreatGuys (main rapper, visual, loyal guy). Uiyeon's zodiac sign is Scorpio (birth date: 1996-10-23) and blood type is AB. Physically, Uiyeon is 192.0cm tall.

 Compare Uiyeon with Jangjun from Golden Child.
 Compare Uiyeon with Junhyung from Highlight.

Hwalchan.   Virgo by birth (birthday: 1996-09-18), Hwalchan is a member of GreatGuys (vocalist, visual, energetic guy). Hwalchan's real name is Lee Daeyoung and blood type is A. Hwalchan is 190.0cm tall and weighs 72kg.

 Compare Hwalchan with Seunghwan from PlayM BOYS.
 Compare Hwalchan with Sunghoon from Sechskies.

Baekgyeol.   Libra by birth (birthday: 1997-09-24), Baekgyeol is a member of GreatGuys (lead vocalist, innocent guy, maknae). Baekgyeol's real name is Jung Semin and blood type is A. Baekgyeol is 187.0cm tall and weighs 68kg.

 Compare Baekgyeol with Jaejin from FT Island.
 Compare Baekgyeol with Jihoon from Fallanc.

Horyeong.   A member of GreatGuys (vocalist, reliable guy), Horyeong, whose real name is Jeong Yeongki, is 184.0cm tall and weighs 70kg. Horyeong's zodiac sign is Virgo (birth date: 1994-09-06) and blood type is A.

 Compare Horyeong with Seongjun from BDC.
 Compare Horyeong with Jaehyuk from Treasure13.

Dongin.   Dongin (real name: Lee Youngjun) is a member of GreatGuys (lead rapper, tough guy). Dongin's zodiac sign is Pisces (birth date: 1996-03-05) and blood type is O. Physically, Dongin is 184.0cm tall and weighs 63kg.

 Compare Dongin with Yooseung from M.Pire.
 Compare Dongin with Song from IKon.

Haneul.   Haneul (real name: Kim Jinhyeon) is a member of GreatGuys (vocalist, nice guy). Haneul's zodiac sign is Libra (birth date: 1994-10-05) and blood type is A. Physically, Haneul is 183.0cm tall and weighs 63kg.

 Compare Haneul with Aaron from W24.
 Compare Haneul with Ju-ne from IKon.

Jae I.   A member of GreatGuys (leader, vocalist, main dancer, charming guy), Jae I, whose real name is Im Hahyeong, is 180.0cm tall and weighs 62kg. Jae I's zodiac sign is Leo (birth date: 1993-08-06) and blood type is O.

 Compare Jae I with Seongho from BEATWIN.
 Compare Jae I with Yongseok from Cross Gene.

Donghwi.   Donghwi (real name: Kim Donghyun) is a member of GreatGuys (lead vocalist, pretty guy). Donghwi's zodiac sign is Aquarius (birth date: 1995-02-10) and blood type is B. Physically, Donghwi is 180.0cm tall and weighs 60kg.

 Compare Donghwi with Niel from Teen Top.
 Compare Donghwi with T.O from M.Pire.

Daun.   A member of GreatGuys (main vocalist, lucky guy), Daun, whose real name is Lee Junghoon, is 178.0cm tall and weighs 63kg. Daun's zodiac sign is Capricorn (birth date: 1995-01-19) and blood type is A.

 Compare Daun with Joochan from Golden Child.
 Compare Daun with Rown from Off The Cuff.

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