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Weight. The weights of male K-Pop idols range from 47kg to 90kg, with the average weight at 61.58kg. V of BTS is quite representative of the average male K-Pop idol weight (62kg) and height (178cm), as well as Junkyu of TREASURE, and Vernon of Seventeen.

V of BTS - Birthday Surprise (Capricorn, birthday: 30 December 1995)

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Body-Mass Index. 75% of male K-Pop idols are considered to be in the normal BMI category, with the average BMI value of a male K-Pop idol is 19.4 (healthy).However still, 25% of male K-Pop idols are considered underweight (BMI value less than 18.5) and only 2 K-pop idols are considered slightly overweight (BMI of 25 to 30). Thus, the remaining 75% are considered to be in the normal BMI category.


Healthy BMI Bobby of iKon has a balanced BMI of 21.5, at a height of 178cm and weight of 68kg.

Compare of Bobby of iKon with Mingyu of Seventeen who also has a balanced BMI of 22.9.

Bobby of iKon (Sagittarius, birthday: 21 December 1995)

Distribution. 60.7% of male K-Pop idols weigh between 60kg to 69kg, with 33.2% weighing below 60kg. In other words, 93.9% of male K-Pop idols weigh less than 70kg and only 6.1% weigh 70kg or more!




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