K-Pop Male Idols by blood type: : Most common is blood type A! (2020 updated)


The most common blood type is A.


In this list of 1,018 male idols, there are 278 artistes with blood type A, 208 artistes with blood type O, 205 artistes with blood type B and 96 artistes with blood type AB.

The most common blood type among K-Pop idols is blood type A (35%). When accounted for male and female idols separately, the percentage is similar: 35% for male idols and 34% for female idols.

Compare Steven Kim of DS Boys with Chani of SF9, both born on the same birthday/year with the same blood type!

Our 1,903 K-Pop idols' blood type distribution mirrors that of South Korea's 50 million population.


For our 1,903 K-Pop idols, 35% of the idols have blood type A, 27% for blood type O, 26% for blood type B and 12% for type AB. Similarly, for South Korea's 50 million population, 34% of the population have blood type A, 28% for blood type O, 27% for type B and 11% for type AB.



The least common blood type is AB.


The least common blood type among K-Pop idols is blood type AB (12%), which is the same percentage for male and female idols when accounted separately.

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More on K-Pop Male Idols by blood type: : Most common is blood type A! (2020 updated). We wish to share some of our O-type idols here..

Taeyang.   Pisces by birth (birthday: 1997-02-28), Taeyang is a member of SF9 (lead vocalist, main dancer). Taeyang's real name is Yoo Tae Yang and blood type is O. Taeyang is 181.0cm tall and weighs 67kg.

 Compare Taeyang with Riho from VARSITY.
 Compare Taeyang with Jongwoon from BLACK6IX.

Zuho.   Zuho (real name: Baek Ju Ho) is a member of SF9 (main rapper). Zuho's zodiac sign is Cancer (birth date: 1996-07-04) and blood type is O. Physically, Zuho is 184.0cm tall and weighs 67kg.

 Compare Zuho with Haneul from Argon.
 Compare Zuho with Youngbin from SF9.

Jaeyoon.   A member of SF9 (lead vocalist), Jaeyoon, whose real name is Lee Jae Yoon, is 183.0cm tall and weighs 66kg. Jaeyoon's zodiac sign is Leo (birth date: 1994-08-09) and blood type is O.

 Compare Jaeyoon with Woong from AB6IX.
 Compare Jaeyoon with Junghoon from TST.

Suga.   Pisces by birth (birthday: 1993-03-09), Suga is a member of BTS (Bangtan Boys) (lead rapper). Suga's blood type is O. Suga is 174.0cm tall and weighs 59kg.

 Compare Suga with Rockhyun from 100%.
 Compare Suga with Wyatt from ONF.


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