Age/birthday analysis of K-Pop Male Idols - 2020 updated


What's the average age of a male K-Pop idol?

The average age of a male K-Pop idol is 25 years old, with ages ranging from 12 to 47 years old. The most common ages for male K-Pop idols are 23 years old (99 idols), 24 years old (96 idols) and 25 years old (85 idols).

Which months are most male K-Pop idols born in ?

Most male idol babies are born in the earlier months of the year - January (101 idols), February (100 idols) and March (92 idols). October and July has the least number of idol babies at 59 and 57 respectively

Do you know the average ages of male K-Pop idols by the positions they hold in a group?

Leader. The average age of the leader of a K-Pop group is 26.55 years old.

Main/Lead Positions. The average age of lead vocalist, dancer or rapper is 25.50 years old.

Maknae. Average age of a group maknae is 23.07 years old, about 3.5 years younger, on average, than the leader.

Rapper. Average age is 25.09 years old.

Vocalist. Average age is 25.31 years old.

Dancer. Average age of a dancer in a male K-Pop group  is 24.24 years old, close to a year younger than the Rapper or Vocalist positions. This is true also for female K-Pop dancers.

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The most common ages for male K-Pop idols are 23 years old (99 idols), 24 years old (96 idols) and 25 years old (85 idols).


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Junghwan.   Aquarius by birth (birthday: 2005-02-18), Junghwan is a member of TREASURE (lead dancer, vocalist, maknae). Junghwan's real name is So Jung Hwan and blood type is B. Junghwan is 174.0cm tall and weighs 58kg.

 Compare Junghwan with Timoteo from HOTSHOT.
 Compare Junghwan with Taeyoung from BLACK6IX.

Win.   Sagittarius by birth (birthday: 2004-12-19), Win is a member of MCND (lead rapper, maknae). Win's real name is Bang Junhyuk and blood type is B. Win is 172.0cm tall and weighs 47kg.

 Compare Win with Youngmin from AB6IX.
 Compare Win with Logan from AWEEK.

Dohyon.   Dohyon (real name: Nam Do Hyon) is a member of MBK Boys (maknae). Dohyon's zodiac sign is Scorpio (birth date: 2004-11-11) and blood type is O. Physically, Dohyon is 180.0cm tall and weighs 62kg.

 Compare Dohyon with Sang from Imfact.
 Compare Dohyon with Kim Jungwoo from HNB.

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