K-Pop Idols born in November (Nov birthday) - 2020 updated


These are our November babies . The special days in November in which the most K-Pop idols are born (10 idols in each day!) are 6 November, 21 November and 23 November. Special thanks to the information provided from the various websites (see our attribution sources).

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Jeongyeon.   A member of Twice (lead vocalist), Jeongyeon, whose real name is Yoo Kyung Wan, is 169.0cm tall and weighs 49kg. Jeongyeon's zodiac sign is Scorpio (birth date: 1996-11-01) and blood type is O.

 Compare Jeongyeon with Ayoung from Dal Shabet.
 Compare Jeongyeon with Seorin from Gavy NJ.

Yukyung.   Scorpio by birth (birthday: 1999-11-05), Yukyung is a member of ELRIS (main dancer, vocalist). Yukyung's real name is Lee Yu-kyung and blood type is B. Yukyung is 156.0cm tall and weighs 37kg.

 Compare Yukyung with Luda from Natural Unit.
 Compare Yukyung with Nahyun from SONAMOO.

Kris.   A member of EXO (main rapper, leader), Kris, whose real name is Wu Yifan, is 187.0cm tall. Kris's zodiac sign is Scorpio (birth date: 1990-11-06) and blood type is O.

 Compare Kris with Baekhyun from Super M.
 Compare Kris with Sejin from BY9.

Momo.   A member of Twice (main dancer, vocalist, rapper), Momo, whose real name is Hirai Momo, is 167.0cm tall and weighs 48kg. Momo's zodiac sign is Scorpio (birth date: 1996-11-09) and blood type is A.

 Compare Momo with Kim Lip from LOONA.
 Compare Momo with Sia from LAYSHA.


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