K-Pop Idols born in January (Jan birthday) - 2020 updated


These are our January babies . The special day in January in which most K-Pop idols are born (17 idols in a single day!) is January 10. Special thanks to the information provided from the various websites (see our attribution sources).

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Yujin.   Capricorn by birth (birthday: 2001-01-02), Yujin is a member of ALLS-GIRL (vocalist). Yujin's real name is Gwak Yu Jin. Yujin is 165.0cm tall and weighs 45kg.

 Compare Yujin with Kim Lip from LOONA.
 Compare Yujin with Wheein from MAMAMOO.

Jisoo.   Jisoo (real name: Kim Ji Soo) is a member of Black Pink (lead vocalist, visual). Jisoo's zodiac sign is Capricorn (birth date: 1995-01-03) and blood type is A. Physically, Jisoo is 162.0cm tall and weighs 45kg.

 Compare Jisoo with Seyeon from LABEL UP.
 Compare Jisoo with Ros from Black Pink.

Karin.   Capricorn by birth (birthday: 2002-01-05), Karin is a member of ELRIS (lead vocalist, lead rapper, maknae). Karin's real name is Min Ka-rin and blood type is O. Karin is 170.0cm tall and weighs 49kg.

 Compare Karin with Jiheon from Fromis_9.
 Compare Karin with Vivi from LOONA.

Bell.   Bell (real name: Propatsorn Sodsaengthien) is a member of Z-Girls (lead dancer, rapper, vocalist, youngest). Bell's zodiac sign is Capricorn (birth date: 2004-01-06). Physically, Bell is 156.0cm tall and weighs 43kg.

 Compare Bell with Lim Na Young from I.O.I.
 Compare Bell with Sungyeon from VENUS.


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