K-Pop Idols born in August (Aug birthday) - 2020 updated


These are our August babies . The special days in August in which the most K-Pop idols are born (8 idols in each day!) are 10 August, 22 August and 28 August. Special thanks to the information provided from the various websites (see our attribution sources).

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More on K-Pop Idols born in August (Aug birthday) - 2020 updated:

Chaewon.   Chaewon (real name: Kim Chae Won) is a member of IZ*ONE (lead vocalist, lead dancer). Chaewon's zodiac sign is Leo (birth date: 2000-08-01) and blood type is B. Physically, Chaewon is 164.0cm tall and weighs 42kg.

 Compare Chaewon with Minju from A.Kor.
 Compare Chaewon with Coca from LABEL UP.

Jae I.   A member of GreatGuys (leader, vocalist, main dancer, charming guy), Jae I, whose real name is Im Hahyeong, is 180.0cm tall and weighs 62kg. Jae I's zodiac sign is Leo (birth date: 1993-08-06) and blood type is O.

 Compare Jae I with Seongho from BEATWIN.
 Compare Jae I with Yongseok from Cross Gene.

Rowoon.   Rowoon (real name: Kim Seok Woo) is a member of SF9 (main vocalist, visual, center). Rowoon's zodiac sign is Leo (birth date: 1996-08-07) and blood type is B. Physically, Rowoon is 192.0cm tall and weighs 73kg.

 Compare Rowoon with Taehyun from South Club.
 Compare Rowoon with Minhwan from FT Island.

Medic Jin.   Leo by birth (birthday: 1996-08-08), Medic Jin is a member of GIRLKIND (main vocalist). Medic Jin's real name is Bae Yu-jin and blood type is AB. Medic Jin is 167.0cm tall.

 Compare Medic Jin with Yu Jin from PPL.
 Compare Medic Jin with Soobin from Sweet Unit.


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