K-Pop Idols of Scorpio zodiac sign (2020 updated birthdays)

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LOONA (Yeojin, Olivia Hye, Go Won, Hyunjin), VARSITY (Kid, Xin, Manny, Seungbo) and UP10TION (Gyujin, Sunyoul, Wooshin, Kuhn) are 3 groups with the most members born under Scorpio at 4 each, followed by D-CRUNCH (Chanyoung, Minhyuk, Hyunho), Hot Blood Youth (Taro, Jisan, Bin) and CLC (Elkie, Sorn, Seungyeon) at 3 members each.


These are our Scorpio babies . The youngest Scorpio babies are Hyojeong (2007) and Sumin (2006), both of CoCoMay or Hirokawa Mao (2004) of Cherry Bullet, Blink (2004) of Z-boys, Dohyun (2004) of MBK Boys and Narin (2004) of Girls' Alert.

Hyojeong, born 12 Nov 2007, and Sumin, 19 Nov 2006, are the youngest Scorpio female idols and are both members (Sumin is the leader) of the newly debut group Coco under Fancy Factory. Coco debuted on Jan 28 2019 with the single "Talk Talk".

Side-by-side Profiles - Hyojeong and Sumin

Watch their saccharin-sweet self-introductions below.


Dohyon, or Nam Do Hyon, is born on 11 Nov 2004 and is a member of MBK Boys under MBK Entertainment.

Compare the MBK boys side-by-side - Dohyon and Jaeeok

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May or Hirokawa Mao is from Cherry Bullet and her birthday falls on  Nov 16, 2004.

Cherry Bullet members side-by-side - May and Chaerin


Yeojin is from LOONA under Blockberry Creative and she is born on 11 November 2002.

Compare LOONA Scorpio girls - Yeojin and Go Won

Junseo of 1THE9 and his birthday is on 20 November 2001.

Compare 1THE9 members - Junseo and Yechan


K-Pop groups LOONA and UP10TION both have 4 members who are born Scorpio. Yeojin, Olivia Hye, Go Won, and Hyunjin of LOONA are Scorpio babies.

LOONA (source: twitter @loonawithluv)

Gyujin, Sunyoul, Wooshin, and Kuhn of UP10TION are Scorpio babies.




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