K-Pop Idols of Sagittarius zodiac sign (2020 updated birthdays)

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Chart 1: Sagittarius Idols by Group
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I.O.I is the K-Pop idol group with the most members (4 - Lim Na Young, Kyulkyung, Mina, Doyeon) born under Sagittarius, followed by SONAMOO with 3 members (Minjae, Nanhyun and High.D) born under Sagittarius.


These are our Sagittarius babies . Some of the youngest Sagittarius babies are Win, Chaeyeon, Taeseung, Sungwon and Yuna.

The youngest Sagittarius of all, Win or Bang Junhyuk's birthday falls on 19 Dec 2004 and he is from MCND. Bearing blood type B, he is their Lead Rapper and Maknae.

Compare the MCND boys - Win versus Huijun

15 days older than Win, is Chaeyeon of Busters - her birthday falls on 4th December 2004. Standing 168cm tall, she is the lead dancer, main rapper and face of the group.

Compare Busters' girls - Chaeyeon and Hyeongseo

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Taeseung is a Sagittarius idol born in 2003 (birthday on 19 December). At a tall 182cm, he is the main vocalist and dancer of TEEN TEEN.

Compare TEEN TEEN boys - Taeseung and Jinwoo


Sungwon. Another young Sagittarius born in 2003, Sungwon is from 1THE9 and his birthday falls on Dec 18, 2003.

Compare 1THE9 boys - Sungwon and Yechan.

Yuna is born 9 days earlier on Dec 09, 2003 and hails from ITZY.

Compare ITZY ladies - Yuna and Chaeryeong


SONAMOO. The group with the most Sag babies is SONAMOO, with Minjae (Dec 18, 1994), Nahyun (Dec 09, 1995) and High.D or Kim Doh Hee (Dec 21, 1996).

Jin of BTS. A special shout-out to  Jin of BTS whose birthday falls on Dec 04, 1992.

A BTS Side-by-Side View - Jin versus Jimin



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