K-Pop Idols of Pisces zodiac sign (2020 updated birthdays)


These are our Pisces babies . Some of the youngest idols are Jieun of Busters, Jaehee of Fave Girls, and Chaerin of Cherry Bullet.

The youngest Piscean is Jieun (Jeon Jieun) of Busters and her birthday falls on 5 March 2005.

Compare the Buster girls - Jieun with Chaeyeon.

Jaehee (Lee Jae-hee) is from Fave Girls and she is about one year older than Jieun (her birthday falls on 18 March 2004).

Compare the Fave Girls - Jaehee with Soeun.

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There are 6 k-Pop groups where 3 of the members are Piscean - The Boyz, NOIR, Cherry Bullet, LUCENTE, BTOB and ASTRO.


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Another youngest Piscean of all is Chaerin of Cherry Bullet whose birthday falls on Mar 13, 2002.

Compare the Cherry Bullet girls - Chaerin with Yuju

Doyum is from 1THE9 under MBK Entertainment and is born on 21 Feb 2002.

Compare the 1THE9 boys, Doyum with Sungwon


Beomgyu is from TXT under Big Hit Entertainment and is born on 13 Mar 2001.

Compare TXT members - Beomgyu with Huening Kai


Yunmin is from New Kidd under H-FLO Entertainment and his birthday falls on 26 Feb 2001.

Compare New Kidd guys - Yunmin with Ji Hansol

Cherry Bullet is one of the 5 K-Pop idol groups with 3 members (Chaerin, Bora, Yuju) born under Pisces.

Cherry Bullet Group Members (source: Nine Stars, wikipedia)



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