K-Pop Idols of Capricorn zodiac sign (2020 updated birthdays)


These are our Capricorn babies . Some of the youngest Capricorn idols are Bell of Z-Girls, Junwook of TheEastLight,  Karin/Min Ka-rin of ELRIS and Loha/Kang Ye-jin of Nature.

One of the youngest Capricorn idols is Bell or Propatsorn Sodsaengthien of Z-Girls. Bell is from Thailand and her birthday falls on 6 January 2004.

Compare the Z-Girls - Bell with Mahiro

Another young Capricorn is JunWook (Kim Jun Wook) of TheEastLight. His birthday falls on 10 January, 2002 and he is both a talented guitarist and composer!

Compare the boys of TheEastLight - JunWook with Sagang

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2Z is the K-Pop idol group with the most members (4 - Ji Sub, Jung Hyun, Ho Jin, Bum Jun) born as Capricorn, followed by AOA (SeolHyun, Yuna, Jimin) and MustB (Sangwoo, Wooyeon, Sihoo) at 3 Capricorn members each.


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