K-Pop Idols of Aries zodiac sign (2020 updated birthdays)

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N.CUS is the K-Pop idol group with the most Aries-born members (4 - Sungsub, Hyeonmin, Seo Seokjin, YUAN), followed by Pentagon ( Yeo One, Hongseok and Jinho), Live High (Gabin, Rhea, Hangyeol) and Super Junior (Zhoumi, Siwon, Eunhyuk) at 3 Aries-born members each.


These are our Aries babies  . Some of the youngest are Jihyun (2005), Haruto (2004) and Jiheon (2003).
The youngest Aries baby, Jihyun is born on 15 Apr 2005 and is a member of the newly debut group Coco under Fancy Factory. Coco debuted on Jan 28 2019 with the single "Talk Talk". Watch their sweet self-introductions .

Compare Coco members - Jihyun with Minseo

Haruto. The visual of Treasure and the youngest Aries male idol, Haruto Watanabe is born on 5 Apr 2004.

Compare Treasure members - Haruto Watanabe with Junghwan

Jiheon (Baek Ji-heon), born 17 April 2003, is one of the youngest Aries idols and is a member of Fromis_9.

Compare Fromis_9 members - Jiheon with Chaeyoung

Video caption: "The Cute and Smart Maknae of Fromis_9"


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Jinsung (Jung Jinsung) is born on 30 March 2002 and is from 1THE9 under MBK Entertainment.

Compare 1THE9 members, Jinsung with Taewoo


Here are the Pentagon boys - the group with the most Aries-born members  - Yeo One, Hongseok and Jinho.

Compare Pentagon members - Jinho and Hongseok



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