K-Pop Idols of Aquarius zodiac sign (2020 updated birthdays)


These are our Aquarius babies . Some of the youngest Aquarius idols are Youngchae, Seoha (both of Coco) and Junghwan of TREASURE.

Both Youngchae, born on Jan 28 2008, and Seoha, born on Jan 29 2007, are the youngest female Aquarius idols and hail from the newly debut group Coco under Fancy Factory. Coco debuted on Jan 28 2019 (Youngchae's birthday!) with the single "Talk Talk".

Compare both Coco Aquarius members - Youngchae and Seoha

Junghwan or Prince Junghwan, born 18 Feb 2005, is the youngest Aquarius male idol and is a member of Treasure under YG Entertainment. Here's a compilation of cute Junghwan's earnest greetings below:

Compare TREASURE members - Junghwan and Haruto

Full Table of Aquarius babies below :


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Special mention to J-Hope (Jung Ho Seok) of BTS who is born on 13 Feb 1994.

How' about a BTS side-by-side - J-Hope with Jungkook

Kangmin (Yoo Kangmin) is born on 25 Jan 2003 and is from VERIVERY under Jellyfish Entertainment.

Compare VERIVERY members - Kangmin with Minchan


Taehyun (Kang Tae Hyun) is born on 5 Feb 2002 and is from TXT under Big Hit Entertainment.

Compare TXT members - Taehyun with Huening Kai


BIG thanks to the information provided from the various websites (see our attribution sources). Here are other Aquarius idols I would like to feature.



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