Eunbi - 2019 K-Pop Girl Band Bio Compilation of 279 Idols
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Chart 1: Top Ten Tallest Female KPop Idols
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Chart 3: Top Blood Types for Female KPop Idols
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Finally, we have compiled most of the K-Pop female idols (about 279 artistes) we know in one single database, thanks to the information provided from the various website sources (see our attribution below).   

These are our findings with our table data following after that - yes, we are K-pop trivia junkies : 

1. Age. The idol artistes in this list range from 14 years of age (May from Cherry Bullet and Wonyoung from IZ*ONE) to 32 years of age (Sojin of Girl's Day and Qri of T-ara).

2. Blood Type. In this female idol list, there are 83 artistes with blood type A, 59 artistes with blood type B, 68 artistes with blood type O and 25 artistes with blood type AB. While we cannot conclude which blood type produces the most idols in reality, this sample indicates that AB is the least common 'idol' blood type.

3. Height. The average female idol's height is 164.7 cm, with heights ranging from 149 cm to 174 cm (Newsun of Sonamoo - tall!).

4. Weight. The average female idol's weight is 46.5 kg, with weights ranging from 37 kg to 56 kg.

5. Countries. Most female idols hail naturally from South Korea. There is a good mix of artistes from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and as far as Thailand and Singapore, or even farther from the U.S.

6. Zodiac. The Zodiac sign with the most female idols is Gemini (30 artistes). The Zodiac sign with the least idols is Cancer (16 artistes). Wonder if this is true of the overall K-pop industry ?

7. Birth Months. Most female idol babies are born in the middle of the year - May & July (28 artistes) and September (30 artistes). April has the least number of female idol babies at 13.

Feel free to share this data with any fellow fans - this was a handy guide for us to quick-check the information of any of our idols.

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