Tallest Female K-Pop Idols (2020 updated - tallest women by height from tallest to shortest)


Tallest Idols. The tallest women in Kpop today are Jinkyung of Unnies at 180cm and Dakyung of Prism at 175cm.

Do some "tall idol" comparisons.

Compare the tallest idols - Jinkyung with Dakyung

Compare Dakyung of Prism with Yuna of ITZY


Average Height. The average female idol's height is 164.7 cm, with heights ranging from 141 cm to 180 cm.

Female Korea idols around the average height of 164.7cm include Dahyun of Twice, Jiheon of Fromis_9 and Bomi of Girl Crush.


Distribution. 51.2% of female K-Pop idols are at least 165cm tall, with 38.2% between 160cm to 164cm. In other words, 89.4% of female K-Pop idols are at least 160cm and 10.6% are below the height of 160cm.

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Ellyn, or Bang Sun-hee, of GIRLKIND is one of the tallest female idols at 174cm. Her blood type is B and she is a Libra (her birthday falls on 19 October 2002).

Compare GIRLKIND girls - Ellyn and Xeheun

Uchae (Woo Hye Jun) of Nature is also 174cm tall and is the lead rapper/dancer for Nature. Her blood type is A and she is a Taurus (7 May 2002).

Compare the girls of Nature - Uchae and Chaebin

Another tall lady, New Sun (aka Choi Yoon Sun) of Sonamoo. Her height is 174cm as well and she is a O-blood type Gemini (birthday: 19 june 1997).

Compare the Sonamoo girls - New Sun with Eujin.

Doyeon is the 173cm tall and beautiful visual of Weki Meki. Her birthday falls on 4 December 1999 - she is a Sagittarius and her blood type is O.

Compare the girls of Weki Meki - Doyeon with Yoojung.

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