K-Pop Agencies with the most male idols - 2020 updated

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Chart 1: Agencies with the most male KPop idols
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SM Entertainment has the highest number of male K-pop idols (61), followed by YG Entertainment (50 male K-pop idols) and finally, TOP Media  (36 male K-pop idols).

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More on K-Pop Agencies with the most male idols - 2020 updated. We wish to share some of the YG Entertainment/TREASURE idols here..

Jeongwoo.   A member of TREASURE (lead vocalist), Jeongwoo, whose real name is Park Jeong Woo, is 175.0cm tall and weighs 63kg. Jeongwoo's zodiac sign is Libra (birth date: 2004-09-28) and blood type is O.

 Compare Jeongwoo with Jinyoung from D1CE.
 Compare Jeongwoo with Kwangjin from N.Flying.

Haruto.   Aries by birth (birthday: 2004-04-05), Haruto is a member of TREASURE (lead rapper, visual). Haruto's real name is Watanabe Haruto and blood type is B. Haruto is 178.0cm tall and weighs 56kg.

 Compare Haruto with Chandong from Vromance.
 Compare Haruto with Eli from U-Kiss.

Junghwan.   Aquarius by birth (birthday: 2005-02-18), Junghwan is a member of TREASURE (lead dancer, vocalist, maknae). Junghwan's real name is So Jung Hwan and blood type is B. Junghwan is 174.0cm tall and weighs 58kg.

 Compare Junghwan with Timoteo from HOTSHOT.
 Compare Junghwan with Taeyoung from BLACK6IX.

Junkyu.   A member of Treasure13 (vocalist, visual), Junkyu, whose real name is Kim Junkyu, is 178.0cm tall and weighs 68kg. Junkyu's zodiac sign is Virgo (birth date: 2000-09-09) and blood type is O.

 Compare Junkyu with Yundong from Halo.
 Compare Junkyu with Kain from Argon.


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