Global List of Robot-as-a-service (RAAS) Companies
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Chart 1: RAAS Players by Industry
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The top five segments for robot-as-a-service (RaaS) play are delivery robots, cleaning robots, factory robots, warehouse robots and security robots. These are markets where there are clear existing costs, such as performance fees (e.g. delivery fees) or hourly labor wages (e.g. cleaners and security guards) which robot-as-a-service models can optimize upon.
Chart 2: RAAS Players by Region
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Most robot-as-a-service players around the world originate from North America (United States, Canada), Asia (China, Japan, Singapore) and Europe (Germany, Denmark, Spain and others).


The top five robot-as-a-service (RaaS) segments are delivery robots, cleaning robots, factory robots, warehouse robots and security robots.

These RaaS plays have made their way into markets where pay-as-you-use robot models can deliver value that disrupt and exceed traditional costs such as performance fees (e.g. delivery fees) and hourly labor wages (e.g. cleaners and security guards) and on top of that, provide higher reliability and consistency.

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6 River.

6 River Systems is a US-based company that provides collaborative mobile robots for warehouses. Its flagship product is the autonomous warehouse robot, Chuck, which collaborates with warehouse workers on task guidance, picking and load carrying. 6 River's offering runs at about $250,000 for 8 robots in the first year, with annual maintenance costs of around $50,000 thereafter. (UPDATE: Shopify has completed acquisition of 6 River Systems on October 17, 2019.)

 Visit 6 River's website at

 Compare 6 River with Locus Robotics from USA.


Aethon is a robotics company that develops the TUG, a general-purpose carrier, for the on-premise delivery robot market. Based in USA, Aethon also provides with a robot-as-a-service offering (US$1.5-$2K/robot/month).

 Visit Aethon's website at

 Compare Aethon with Eliport from Spain.



AutoX is a US-based company makes use of its autonomous delivery vehicles to provide robo-deliveries. The revenue model is based on item purchases at in-app and in-vehicle stores and delivery fees.

 Visit AutoX's website at

 Compare AutoX with HelloWorld Robotics from Malaysia.


Avidbots is a robotics company based in Canada, well-known for its Neo line of autonomous floor scrubbing robots for commercial spaces. Its RaaS model rents out the cleaning robots at US$4-6 per hour.

 Visit Avidbots's website at

 Compare Avidbots with Wall Robotics from Finland.

Cobalt Robotics.

Cobalt Robotics is a robotics company that develops the Cobalt security robot for the security market. Based in USA, Cobalt Robotics also provides a robot-as-a-service offering (US$6K/robot/month).

 Visit Cobalt Robotics's website at

 Compare Cobalt Robotics with Ademco from Singapore.


  Cyberdyne is a robotics company that develops the HAL exoskeleton for the robotic exoskeleton market. Based in Japan, Cyberdyne also provides with a robot-as-a-service offering (US$1000/robot/month).

 Visit Cyberdyne's website at

 Compare Cyberdyne with Sarcos Robotics from USA.

Diligent Robotics.

  Diligent Robotics is a robotics company in the hospital assistant market. Based in USA, Diligent Robotics develops the Moxi and offers a robot-as-a-service model (Utilization-based).

 Visit Diligent Robotics's website at

Doosan Robotics.

Doosan Robotics is a South Korean robotics firm that is part of the Doosan Group, which is a Fortune Global 500 conglomerate with businesses in machinery, heavy industry and energy. Doosan Robotics features a series of Cobot products (M0609, M1509, M1013, M0617) that assist human workers in performing  repetitive tasks at high speeds in limited spaces and handling objects of different weights.

 Visit Doosan Robotics's website at

 Compare Doosan Robotics with Kindred from USA.


Based in Spain, Eliport is a robotics company that develops the autonomous Eliport robot for the delivery robot market.

 Visit Eliport's website at

 Compare Eliport with Aethon from USA.



  Hirerobotics is a robotics company located in USA and develops the BotX, robot welder for the factory automation market, with a robot-as-a-service offering (US$33/productive hour, min 40 hours/week, 30-day commitment).

 Visit Hirerobotics's website at

 Compare Hirerobotics with HAHN RobShare from Germany.


Kindred is a US-based company that specializes in smart AI-enhanced factory robots, called SORT, that are capable of grasping and picking items. Kindred offers a robot-as-a-service model that allows the customer to pay per intelligent action.

 Visit Kindred's website at

 Compare Kindred with RobotWorx from USA.


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