Cleaning Robots as a Service (RaaS)
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Cleaning robots are becoming more pervasive, particularly in affluent cities in North America, Europe and Asia where both quality standards and cleaning labour costs are high. This increasing adoption is also driven by novel and competitive robot-as-a-service (RaaS) models introduced by cleaning robot companies.


Cleaning Robot-as-a-Service (RaaS) Models. In the RaaS model, cleaning contractors and building owners simply pay for the usage of the cleaning robots by the hour or month, rather than procure the service robots as assets with high, upfront expenditure and costly maintenance. There are at least 10 cleaning robot-as-a-service offerings in the global market, providing commercial floor cleaning, window cleaning or room cleaning services. The pricing models range from hourly fees (US$4-$6 per hour) to monthly charges (US$215 to 1.5K per month).

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Cleaning Robot-as-a-Service

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These are some of the robot-as-a-service cleaning companies in the market today :


Avidbots Neo - Avidbots is a robotics company based in Canada, well-known for its Neo line of autonomous floor scrubbing robots for commercial spaces. Its RaaS model rents out the cleaning robots at US$4-6 per hour (source)

Compare the offering of Avidbots with that of Lionsbot

Lionsbot Leobot - Lionsbot International is a Singapore-based robotics company that specializes in service robots that "bring smiles" while performing cleaning. Its line of cleaning robots, Leobots, are able to scrub, mop, vacuum, sweep and shine and are available at US$990-1,500 per month (source).

Compare Lionsbot's Leobot with Softbank Robotics's Whiz

Softbank Robotics Whiz  - Softbank Robotics is a world-renowned robotics division of the Softbank Group. Whiz is its AI-powered vacuum robot for use in commercial offices. The cleaning robot is expected to be available for monthly rental at 25,000 yen (US$222) per month (source).

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Skyline Robotics Ozmo  - Skyline Robotics is an Israel-based robotics startup that has developed Ozmo,, a window cleaning robot.

KITE Robotics - Kite Robotics is another company that specializes in window cleaning robots and is located in Netherlands. The KITE Window Cleaning Robot is available for leasing and can help save up to 90% in costs, compared to traditional cleaning methods.

Wall Robotic Wall-R - Wall  Robotics is a Finland-based startup that has created Wall-R, its line of  window cleaning robots. To help users get started and be convinced of the facade cleaning performance, Wall Robotic offers several "soft start" options, enabling users to purchase a one-time window cleaning service (with 20% robot saving discount from market rate) or lease the Wall-R equipment for free for two months.


Peanut RoboticsPeanut Robotics is a US-based firm that has developed a multi-function housekeeping robot which can be rented for an hourly operating fee for hotels and apartments.

Mira Robotics Ugo - Mira Robotics is a Japanese firm that has developed Ugo - a multi-function service robot that can perform a myriad of household chores from cleaning, to folding clothes to emptying a washing machine. For their RaaS model, the Ugo robot can be rented for US$255 per month, which include 6 - 8 hours of housekeeping services. . (source)

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