For Italy, People in Trentino live longer, compared to other Italian regions: Italian regions with Highest Life Expectancies 2016

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This dataset ranks life expectancies by regions in Italy. People in Trentino, a province with a population of 541,098 people,  have the longest life expectancy, at 84.3 years of age, compared to other regions in Italy.

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Men in Umbria, a region in central Italy with a population of 889,000, live the longest, on average, at 81.8 years of age, while men in Campania have the lowest life expectancy at 79.2 years, compared to their peers in other Italian regions in this dataset.

Women in Trentino have the highest life expectancy at 86.9 years of age, while women in Campania have the lowest life expectancy at 84 years, compared to women in other Italian regions in this dataset.


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