Top Countries with the Most KFC Restaurants (QSR - Quick Service Restaurants)

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How many KFC outlets are there in the world? To date, there are more than 20,952 KFC outlets worldwide in 119 countries and territories, with about 8,065 in Asia alone and 5,184 outlets in North America. Here is the dataset of countries with the most number of KFC restaurants globally.

Compare the two countries with the most KFC outlets - United States vs China.

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Kentucky Fried Chicken or KFC was founded as Sanders Court & Café: on March 20, 1930 by Colonel Harland Sanders (note that the title 'colonel' was honorary – a Kentucky colonel, and not the military rank). The first KFC franchise opened in the United States in 1952, and in Canada a year later.


A throwback into a nostalgic Kentucky Fried Chicken commercial in the 1960s.

The first overseas franchise was established in the United Kingdom in 1974. Since then, KFC has grown considerably into more than 20,952 outlets in 119 countries and territories across the world, with annual revenues of US$23 billion - a household name of fried chicken fast food in the world. According to BrandZ, KFC is the third most valuable quick-service restaurant brand with a brand value of $17.2 billion.

Did you know Asia has the most number of KFC outlets at 8,065? Of the 8,065 outlets, 50% is located in China and close to 15% is located in Japan. North America is second at 5,506 outlets (out of which 4,491 outlets are located in United States), followed by Europe at 2,123 outlets (42% in United Kingdom) and Africa with 736 outlets (primarily in South Africa).

Compare China and Japan - the top two Asian countries for KFC and other fast food brands


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