Top Countries with the Most Carl's Junior Restaurants (QSR - Quick Service Restaurants)
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How many Carl's Jr restaurants are there in the world? There are about 3,664 Carl's Jr restaurants and about 1,540 (42%)  are located in United States.

Compare the number of Carl's Jr restaurants between United States (top ranked) and Mexico (2nd rank)

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Chart 1: Outlets (by region)
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North America has the most number of Carl's Jr restaurants at 1,865, more than the rest of the regions combined.
Chart 2: Outlets (by country)
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United States, by a far margin, has the most number of Carl's Jr outlets at 1,540 with Mexico coming in a distant second with 284 outlets.



Carl's Jr was first founded as a hot-dog cart in Los Angeles by Carl Karcher and his wife Margaret in 1941. In 1945, the Karchers moved to Anaheim, California, and opened their first full-service restaurant, Carl's Drive-In Barbecue.

One of Carl Jr's early TV commercial for their breakfast meals in the 1980s

Carl then opened two more restaurants in Anaheim and Brea in 1956, calling them Carl's Jr restaurants, as they were smaller versions of the original Carl's Drive-In Barbecue. Since then, Carl's Jr has taken off and now has 3,664 franchised or company-operated restaurants across 44 states and 38 foreign countries and U.S. territories. (source: )
Compare the top two foreign countries with Carl's Jr - Mexico and Russia.


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