Countries with National Open Data Portals 2019

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Since the early 2010s, countries have recognized the benefits of sharing open data to foster solution innovation and promote the data economy. By the end of 2019, there are 88 countries worldwide with well-publicized national open data portals, altogether sharing out 1,190,474  open datasets.

In the list, we cover only national open data portals. We have previously covered city/state- level open data portals at this link: .

Take a quick peek at this video that highlights the benefits of having an open data strategy and publishing open data.

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1. United States (261,090 datasets).  The United States' national open data portal has published the largest number of datasets in the world, sharing out a whopping collection of 261,090 datasets or about 20% of the world's publicly accessible country-level open datasets.

2. Czech Republic (134,479 datasets). Czech Republic's national open data portal.

3. Australia (85,234 datasets). Australia's national open data portal.

4. Canada (83,279 datasets). Canada's national open data portal.

Check out the countries with national open data portals in these regions:

Worldwide - all countries in the world with national open data portals

North America - United States (261,090 datasets) and other countries in North America

South America - Colombia (10,231 datasets) and other countries in South America

Europe - Czech Republic (134,479 datasets) and other countries in Europe

Asia - Taiwan (43,727 datasets) and other countries in Asia

Africa - Tunisia (1,088 datasets) and other countries in Africa

Middle East - Jordan (8,761 datasets) and other countries in Middle East