Buildings with the Most Floors 2019
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The Burj Khalifa of Dubai is the tallest building in the world at 828m. It also has the most number of floors in the world at 163 floors, 25% more than the second-placed Shanghai Tower. The Burj Khalifa also holds the title of the building with the highest nightclub (at the 144th floor) and highest restaurant - the At.mosphere restaurant (at the 122nd floor). The entire tower houses a functional mix of residential, hotel and office suites through out the 163 floors (see image below).

(upcoming) Jeddah Tower. The Burj Khalifa is likely to hold on to this crown until the Jeddah Tower is completed in 2021. The Jeddah Tower is expected to be at least 1,000m tall and may have more than 200 floors.

At second, the Shanghai Tower is a 128-story skyscraper in Lujiazui, Pudong, Shanghai. The Shanghai Tower also has the world's highest observation deck (higher than that of Burj Khalifa), overlooking the panoramic view of the iconic Shanghai Bund. To reach these 128 floors, the Shanghai Tower comes equipped with the world's fastest elevators that move at a top speed of 20.5 metres per second (74km/h, 46mph).

At third, is the Lotte World Tower - the tallest building in South Korea with 123 floors. Within its 123 floors, the Lotte World Tower houses the Lotte Hotel which occupies the 76th to the 101th floor.

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