Asia - Countries Which Rolled Out National Open Data Portals
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At the end of 2019, there are 18 countries with well-publicized national open data portals in Asia. National open data portals share country-level data, as opposed to city data portals which share only data specific to the city or town.

Taiwan (43,727 datasets). Taiwan was consistently ranked as the top country in the Global Open Data Indexes for 2015-2016. Within Asia, Taiwan's open data portal, launched since 2013, has the highest number of datasets at 43,727.The portal is the product of the open data initiative under Taiwan's Digital Government Program.

Indonesia (43,095 datasets). Launched in 2014 with 700 open datasets, Indonesia's open data portal has now amassed 43,095 datasets to date at a close second.

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South Korea (33,350 datasets). South Korea is one of the earliest countries to embark on an open data strategy and launched its national open data portal in 2011. South Korea's open data portal has the third largest number of datasets in Asia.

Japan (25,737 datasets). Launched in 2013,  Japan's open data portal now has amassed 25,737 datasets to date.

Interesting NoteSingapore's  national open data portal was launched in 2015 as part of its Smart Nation initiative.  Despite the relatively small size of the country, its open data portal has amassed a robust collection of  1,751 datasets for its open data portal to date.

Worldwide - all countries in the world with national open data portals

North America - United States (261,090 datasets) and other countries in North America

South America - Colombia (10,231 datasets) and other countries in South America

Europe - Czech Republic (134,479 datasets) and other countries in Europe

Asia - Taiwan (43,727 datasets) and other countries in Asia

Africa - Tunisia (1,088 datasets) and other countries in Africa

Middle East - Jordan (8,761 datasets) and other countries in Middle East


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