Animals with the Strongest Bite Force (Dataset updated 2021)

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Dataset of Bite Forces:

The Nile Crocodile has recorded the strongest bite force among all existing animal species, capable of crunching down with the full weight of a small pickup truck at 5000 pound-force or 22 kilo-Newtons.

This is easily more than 5 times the power (900 pound force for a human femur) needed to break any bone in the human skeleton. In comparison, the bite force of a human being is at a mere 296 pound-force. One of human's closest relatives - the gorilla - has a bite force of 1,000 pound force.


Compare bite forces of the lion and the Nile crocodile


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More on Bite Forces:

Great White Shark. Recording at second place, is the Great White Shark which can wield a massive bite at 4,095 pound-force or 18,220 kilo-Newtons. With a mouth wider than a that of a Nile Crocodile and rows of serrated, sharp teeth, the Great White Shark can easily bite off 14 kg or 31 pounds of flesh at one go, causing immediate shock to its victims.


Compare the bite force of a Great White Shark with a Mako Shark



Saltwater Crocodile. At third place, is the saltwater crocodile, found commonly in Asia and Australia. The saltwater crocodile is able to muster a bite of 16,414 Newtons or 3,690 pound-force, as demonstrated by a 4.59-meter long saltwater crocodile in a measurement laboratory. Witness the saltwater crocodile crunch a large, thick piece of bone to bits.

Compare the bite forces of a saltwater crocodile and an alligator

Hippopotamus. With 40-50cm long incisors and canines, hippos pack a hefty bite force at 1,800 pound-force or 8,100 Newtons - more than enough bite force to (in theory) snap a crocodile into halves. Here, observe how the hippos crush watermelons with ease at Nagasaki Bio Park in Japan.


Compare the bite forces of a hippo and a lion



One of our closest relatives - the gorilla - has a bite force of 1,000 force - more than three times stronger than a human's bite force and capable of breaking every bone in a human skeleton.

  Compare the bite forces of a gorilla and a human



Battle of the great reptileans - the American Alligator has the stronger bite but the Komodo dragon packs a potently toxic bite.

Compare the bite forces of a Komodo dragon and an American Alligator

The Rottweiler can be a fierce canine in the urban neighbourhood but its 335-lbf bite force pales in comparison to the bone-crushing Hyenas of the African savanna.

Compare the bite forces of the Spotted hyena and the Rottweiler

Both Apex predators in their respective realms - with the polar bear having a slight edge in the bite force department.

Compare the bite forces of a tiger with a polar bear

Duel of the mid-sized cats - the cheetah may have faster legs and a tougher bite, but leopards have greater strength, mass and versatility and have been known to hunt down cheetahs when opportunities arise.

Compare the bite forces of a leopard with a cheetah