Africa - Cost of Affordable Internet (Broadband Pricing)

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Africa - The Democratic Republic of the Congo has the least affordable Internet access for 2019, with the cost of 1 GB of data at US$10.71 which is 25.7% (a large chunk) of the average monthly income (GNI per capita) of US$41.67. The hypothetical price of 83 cents (2% of average monthly income) buys only 80 MB worth of Internet usage in a month or 2.3MB per day.

At second, is the Central African Republic with 1GB of data costing 22.16% ($9.05) of average monthly income, followed by Chad where $11.99 or 21.16% of average monthly income buys 1GB of data. In fact, for half of the countries in Africa, 1GB of data will cost at least 5% oft the average monthly income of a consumer.


Data sources: We consider the cost of broadband access across countries based on the data published by Alliance for Affordable Internet (A4AI). This data primarily cover countries with low to middle gross national incomes (GNI). We base the 2018 GNI on the data published by the World Bank and look at the affordability of Internet access as a percentage of the cost of broadband over average monthly income per capita.

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