Where are sellers.json hosted?
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This list covers some close to 300 publicly known and accessible locations of sellers.json, a clear-text JSON file hosted by advertising platforms such as Google, Amazon, Mediavine and others.

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What is Sellers.json?

Sellers.json is based on an IAB-provided standard and lists the identities of website publishers and intermediaries, including the name, domain name and seller ID. Sellers.json is intended to be a transparent document that provides media sellers' information to buyers in a selected digital advertising opportunity for purchase.

I am an individual blogger at Google Adsense. Must I disclose my name in a sellers.json?

Under your Google Adsense dashboard at Accounts > Settings, you will see a field called Seller information visibility.  You can select the visibility of your personal information in sellers.json by selecting the Confidential option.

While this protects your privacy, there could be media buyers that base their buying decisions on the known identities of the sellers. However, Google does recommend media buyers not to make buying decisions based on confidentiality at the moment.


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