2018 US States' Broadband Speeds and Coverage

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According to this study by Broadbandnow.com (refer to link below), large, rural states tend to have worse Internet speeds and coverage when compared to smaller, more compact states. Kansas, West Virginia, New Mexico, Montana, and other economically disadvantaged states round out the bottom of the list. These states have the worst Internet among US states, in terms of access to 25 Mbps download speeds and wired Internet.

Other Key Facts presented in this study:   

  • Montana has the worst broadband coverage among US states at 69.2%.
  • Montana also has the worst average Internet speed among US states: 20.3 Mbps.
  • New Jersey has the highest broadband coverage at 99%.
  • New Jersey also has the highest average Internet speed, clocking in at 52 Mbps.
  • The average Internet speed across all US states in the past 12 months was 35.36 Mbps. All state averages were within 17 Mbps of the national average.

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