2018 Top 50 Countries - Smartphone Users By Countries
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Chart 1: Top 20 Countries By Smartphone Users
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China has the largest smartphone user population at 782 million users. India takes second spot with 374 million smart phone users, while United States is at third place with 251 million smart phone users (close to 77% of its population).
Chart 2: Top 20 countries by % of smartphone users to population
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Among the top 50 countries based on smartphone user population, the European countries - United Kingdom (82.2%), Netherlands (79.3%), Germany (78.8%) and Sweden (78.8%) - have the highest percentage of smartphone users with respect to their populations.



The top 50 countries by smartphone users have a combined total of 2.7 billion smartphone users or 42.33% of their combined population.

The world's top 3 countries by smartphone users are :

  1. China - 782 million users (55.3% of population)
  2. India - 374 million users (27.7% of population)
  3. United States - 251 million users (77% of population)

Compare the two top countries with most smartphone users - China and India

Compare the smartphone user base and populations of India and United States


This data is derived from Newzoo's 2018 study of the top 50 countries/markets by smartphone users and penetration (refer to URL below). According to Newzoo, a smartphone user is defined as anyone using a smartphone at least once a month. These numbers come from Newzoo's annual Global Mobile Market Report and are derived based on considerations of a country's economic progression, demography, online population and inequality.

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