2018 Europe: Countries with at least 10 Million Smartphone Users

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The top 50 countries by smartphone users have a combined total of 2.7 billion smartphone users or 42.33% of their combined population.

Europe's top 3 countries by smartphone users are :

  1. Russia - 91.8 million users (63.8% of population)
  2. Germany - 64.8 million users (78.8% of population)
  3. United Kingdom - 54.7 million users (82.2% of population)

Compare Europe's top two nations with most smartphone users - Russia and Germany

Compare the smartphone user base and populations of Germany and United Kingdom


This data is derived from Newzoo's 2018 study of the top 50 countries/markets by smartphone users and penetration (refer to URL below). According to Newzoo, a smartphone user is defined as anyone using a smartphone at least once a month. These numbers come from Newzoo's annual Global Mobile Market Report and are derived based on considerations of a country's economic progression, demography, online population and inequality.

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