Madeira–Mamoré–Grande–Caine–Rocha from Rivers of the World dataset
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Source dataset: Rivers of the World dataset, curated by  simple john

  About Madeira–Mamoré–Grande–Caine–Rocha

The Madeira–Mamoré–Grande–Caine–Rocha river system is 3,380 kilometers long (2100 miles) and has a drainage area of 1,485,200km2, third-largest in South America, stretching across Brazil, Peru and Bolivia. It is also the third-largest river system by discharge volume at 31,200m3/s in South America, behind the Orinoco River and the Amazon River.The Madeira–Mamoré–Grande–Caine–Rocha river system is home to a rich diversity of freshwater fish species, with close to 900 fish species estimated in the Madeira River Basin.

  Data: Madeira–Mamoré–Grande–Caine–Rocha 

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