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South Korea's defence expenditure is estimated to be US$43,891M (2.70% of its GDP).

South Korea has the second-largest military force in the world. With a 6,712,500-strong military, South Korea has a per-capita ratio of 130.5 military personnel per 1000 in population. Its total military consists of 599,000 active personnel, 3,100,000 reserve personnel and 3,013,500 from paramilitary forces. Its per-capita military is the second-highest in the world.

On land, South Korea has a mobile force of 2,514 tanks. For aerial defence, South Korea has an air force of 587 military aircrafts and 273 attack helicopters.

South Korea's naval fleet is the second-largest in Asia. South Korea has a naval fleet of 86 vessels, including 23 non-nuclear submarines. The naval fleet of warships also include 14 frigates, 12 destroyers and 36 corvettes.


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