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Source dataset: Largest Office Buildings dataset , curated by  Grevious

  About Place Du Portage

With a floor area of 462,636 m2, the Place du Portage building of Canada is the third largest office building in the world. The Place du Portage complex is made up of Place du Portage I, II, III, IV and Place d'Accueil and can accommodate approximately 10,000 office workers, housing staff from government agencies such as the Canadian Intellectual Property Office and the Competition Bureau in Place du Portage I, Public Services and Procurement Canada in Place du Portage III and Employment and Social Development Canada in Place du Portage IV.

Built in 1976, the Place Du Portage is located in the city of Gatineau, Quebec, Canada.

Compare Place Du Portage of Gatineau with Desjardins Complex of Montreal.

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