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Algeria's defence budget is the highest in Africa. Algeria allocates about 6% of its GDP (estimated at US$10,304M) for its defence budget. Its percentage of GDP allocated to defence spending is the third-highest worldwide.

Algeria has the second-largest military force in Africa. Algeria has a military that is composed of 130,000 active personnel, 150,000 in reserve and 187,200 from paramilitary forces, totalling 467,200 or 11.2 military personnel per 1000 in population.

Algeria's battle tank force is the second-largest in Africa. On land, Algeria has a mobile force of 1,195 tanks. For aerial defence, Algeria has an air force of 120 military aircrafts and 77 attack helicopters.

Algeria's naval fleet is the second-largest in Africa. Algeria has a naval fleet of 18 vessels, including 6 non-nuclear submarines. Other offensive warships in the naval arsenal include 5 frigates and 6 corvettes.


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